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Islamic law – Correct misconception! (Chapter 2 – Part 2)

In the last part, we have already known that not only Quran but the Sunnah is regarded as the sources of Shari’ah as well. And at the end of the last part, we raised a question that how to transmit the hadiths (the record of Sunnah) between generations. That is to say Continue reading “Islamic law – Correct misconception! (Chapter 2 – Part 2)”


Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 2 – Part 1)

In the previous chapter, you may be able to draw an outline of Islamic law system. If we want to go further in discovering the fact of Islamic law, we need to answer the next question, that is what is the sources of this law? Was it formed as a result of the development of civilisations as we usually thought? Or was it enacted by a ruler and passed down between generations? Continue reading “Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 2 – Part 1)”

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Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 1 – Part 1)

When discussing about the law, you may think of a legal system with the appearance of judges, lawyers and a potent mechanism to enforce the law. But, there was, I said there was which means before the dawn of modernity, a land in which these things happened in entirely different way.  Continue reading “Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 1 – Part 1)”

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Luật Hợp đồng (common law) (P3) – Khi hôn nhân áp dụng nguyên tắc của Luật hợp đồng

Ngày nay, số lượng các cặp đôi sống chung ngày càng nhiều hơn trong khi luật pháp thì lại không có khả năng ghép cặp để cho ra các tế bào luât mới. Không những thế, sự giới hạn của luật pháp còn phải chịu sức ép bởi sự thay đổi không ngừng của xã hội. Hôn nhân cũng vậy, nếu các cặp đôi cổ điển Continue reading “Luật Hợp đồng (common law) (P3) – Khi hôn nhân áp dụng nguyên tắc của Luật hợp đồng”

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Babylonian Law: To what extent do you know about it? (Chapter 1)

From muscle Vin Diesel in blow scenes of Babylon A.D. to well-known music band Boney M. in Rivers of Babylon, from the book The Richest Man in Babylon to the planning Earth’s tallest skyscraper “The Tower” in Dubai, the popularity of the word “Babylon” is broad to such an extent that it is the inspiration for many things in our life. You often relate Babylon to the only thing Continue reading “Babylonian Law: To what extent do you know about it? (Chapter 1)”