English · International Law

Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Introduction)

Civil war, rebellion, chaos, terrorist, political conspiracy, those are such things people from all over the world think about the Islamic world. How about the other aspects of Islam? How about the people’s life? You may think about the inequity in classes and gender and full of violence. How about the economic? You may think about the low speed of development and high rate of inflation. How about the diplomacy? You may think about the hostile policies, nationalism and nuclear weapon program. How about infrastructure? You may think about the obsolescence. And, how about me? Of course, I am not a Muslim but, credit where credit’s due, as a friend of the Islamic world who supports the peace and the justice between the races and religions, I just want to put the things where they should be. And in the scope of this series, I will reveal the mystery of one of the most important elements which constitutes the whole complicated Islam world – the Islamic law – the backbone of the longevity of the Islamic.

Why don’t we move to to the chapter 1, part 1 to find out more about it?


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