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No peace at all ! (Chapter 1)


If you have power to do every thing in the world, what will you do?

I bet that eighty percent of you will answer that “I will make peace for the world”. Yes! It is the daily wish of people from all over the world, especially, those from Middle East countries. To be honest, I do not want to disappoint the fans of peace, but I must say, peace is merely a term that we use to make clear the other – “War”.

So some of you certainly wonder a question that what I am talking about. Of course, I can not talk about the fake because it does not exist, but I am seriously talking about the real thing – about the war. To what extent do you, and even I comprehend the complication of war?

Let I use a metaphor, a dear friend of yours had stolen your pens for several times and you know it. One day, you caught him with your pen on his hand and retook it immediately. As a gut instinct, he used another hand and gave you a heavy punch on the nose. Did not want to be defeated, you tried to strike again. And, as a result, you had a war!

So you can see, there are tons of matters in our life which can lead us to trouble. And when we can not stand by these things, we solve it, by many ways. It likes cleaning the house to prepare for Tet holiday. When the first piece of grit appears on the floor, it is too small to be saw. When you see a bunch of sand, it is too little for you to clean. And when your floor is covered with grime, you have to make a lot of effort to clean your floor. That is a natural process, you can not prevent it, you can just wait your house until it dirty and clean it, again and again.

Some of you could argue that, “I will clean the house frequently after 3 or 4 days, for example”. Yes! It is really make sense if you do not mind about some affairs like that you must spend more time on this bored job, you must pay more for your water bill or even your mop (things used to clean house) will be shortly damaged. I mean, the governments do not have such unlimited resources to care about every piece of grit, even not in their house! They just waiting for an inevitable thing comes to their door and deal with it. They even do not know when it will happen.

It may concern you that why the governments do not use other ways to solve their problems likes using law, negotiating, imposing sanctions but always declaring war?

We may disclose the answer in the next chapter.


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