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Từ Game of Thrones đến cách suy nghĩ như một luật sư

Ầm!” – Thình lình một chiếc xe máy tông mạnh vào đuôi xe của tôi. Tôi quay phắt lại, chưa đầy phần trăm giây, xung điện từ não kéo hai chân mày của tôi lại với nhau kèm theo đôi mắt thù địch. Thanh niên chạy Air Blade vội vàng xin lỗi với khuôn mặt đỏ bừng và nhanh chóng chạy đi. Continue reading “Từ Game of Thrones đến cách suy nghĩ như một luật sư”

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Consideration in Contract law – Is it just about “legal value” and “bargain-for exchange”?

For several times, I had tried to look up the meaning of the term “consideration” and, those dictionaries did not lead me out of the woods. And for several times, I had tried to find out what “consideration” is, and all I receive is a definition with two “haunted” term, “legal value” and “bargain-for exchange”. That is to say, if you scrutinize “consideration” on the surface, you will get nowhere. If you have no time to do research, don’t let the busyness hold you back, cause by this paper, with analysis on some exceptions of common  law rules , all things have been done for you. Continue reading “Consideration in Contract law – Is it just about “legal value” and “bargain-for exchange”?”

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Islamic law – Correct misconception! (Chapter 2 – Part 2)

In the last part, we have already known that not only Quran but the Sunnah is regarded as the sources of Shari’ah as well. And at the end of the last part, we raised a question that how to transmit the hadiths (the record of Sunnah) between generations. That is to say Continue reading “Islamic law – Correct misconception! (Chapter 2 – Part 2)”


Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 2 – Part 1)

In the previous chapter, you may be able to draw an outline of Islamic law system. If we want to go further in discovering the fact of Islamic law, we need to answer the next question, that is what is the sources of this law? Was it formed as a result of the development of civilisations as we usually thought? Or was it enacted by a ruler and passed down between generations? Continue reading “Islamic Law – Correct misconceptions! (Chapter 2 – Part 1)”